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In recent posts I talked about how you could use tin cans, jars and all over and over again. In addition to these there are so many everyday items that we could use to create wondrous things. As I always say, all you need is your creativity and as always I come in to give you few ideas as to what those things could be that you could use in what ways.

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• Paper Bags
These bags could make to be such nice covers for your books and even better if you could use something to decorate it with.

• Jars
These could be holders, vases and what not. See these here.

• Tin Cans
These could become Storage, Vases, Decoration and gifts and I hope you remember I told you loads of things about it one day. See it here.

• Newspaper
Newspapers can be use to cover books and even make crafts out of them like baskets, magazine stands and all.

• Old clothes
Old clothes like shirts, ties and all cold be sewed together to make curtains, floor mat and pillows.

• Old furniture
If you have some pieces that are beyond repair then you could use the salvaged material to make stuff like spice rack, bird table or could even be used as firewood on a chilly evening.

• Tires
Tires can become perfect planters for your garden if you have patience to make one.

• Shoes
Old shoes can be transformed into some cute looking planters for garden or balcony.

• Wine/Liquor Bottles
These bottles could make beautiful chandeliers. See it here.

• Tissue Boxes
When the tissue boxes have been emptied out you can reuse the boxes as a storage container for your napkins or small hand towels. to decorate it or not, its all up to you.

• Shoe Boxes
You can use the shoe boxes to store all the stationary that you have in the house. Again, to decorate it or not is all up to you.

• Socks
Socks that you think have been rendered useless can be used as a duster.

• Old Jeans
Your old tattered jeans could be used to make stuff like floor mats, coffee cozies etc. See it here.

• Hangers
Old useless hangers could be reused as roasting wires for your food or marshmallows when you go camping.

• Toilet Paper Roll
When all the toilet paper has been used, you could use the roll as an extension cord organizer.

• Comic Books
If you have comic books that you had been saving all year, then you have a huge supply of wrapping papers.


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