Puzzle Piece Cutting Board Makes for a Fun Kitchen Tool


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via Luxury Housing Trends by Lindsay on 4/19/10

We've looked at a few interesting cutting boards in the past (the end-grain wood cutting board, the hook-over-the-side board, and the designer cutting board from exotic wood scraps), but this is the first one that can snap together with multiple boards, so you can have as big or as small of a cutting surface as you need. Just need to slice a lemon? Grab one board. Need to hack off pieces of french bread? Stick three together. The puzzle piece cutting board is a fun concept.

In addition to being useful for cutting, the "Puzzleboard" makes an impromptu food and drink platter. The notch on the side is just right for a glass of wine, and the part sticking out on the other end can act as the handle to make carrying a breeze.

19,95 euro per board from Oooms Dutch Design.


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