30 most amazing DIY lamps ever


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diy lamps

Have you ever thought of making your own custom lamp? While the shelves are flooded with a range of unique and creative lamps, it's a different experience altogether to make a lamp on your own. If you are into the DIY thing, here we have the 30 most amazing DIY lamps, which you can make at home with the utmost ease. Hit the jump to see them…

1) RGB Mood lamp

rgb mood lamp

This RGB Mood lamp is yet another interesting thing for the geeks to try their hands on.

2) DIY Atari Joystick Lamp

diy atari joystick lamp

The two feet tall Atari Joystick Lamp is one nice scale model of the classic Atari joystick and is made out of medium density fiberboard.

3) DIY Robo lamps


Robolamps are a range of robot-shaped lighting and measure from 15cm to 50cm.

4) DIY Bubbly Lamp

diy bubbly lamp

The unique design involves an explosion proof enclosure, mineral oil, cable, a pump to generate bubbles and a lamp.

5) DIY Bat lamp

diy batlamp

Now, this DIY lamp is something every Batman fan would love to own. It's designed around a high brightness RGB LED and an Arduino.

6) DIY cassette tape lamp

diy cassette tape lamp

Created by guys over at Transparent House, these lamps are made from individual cassette tapes in a range of patterns.

7) Cardboard lamps

diy cardboard light

Designed by David Graas, the lamp makes use of useless cardboard and has lamp cut outs.

8) Strømg Lump Leaks lamp

cnced lampshade

It's a DIY Lamp that requires no glue, nails or screws, and is made of 547 polypropylene pieces.

9) UFO Abduction Lamp

ufo abduction lamp

Designed by Jason Dietz, the UFO Abduction Lamp is handmade from recycled glass tubes, light diffusers and acrylic rings.

10) Hand Knitted Lamp by Philippe Tyberghien

philippe tyberghien lamp

This unusual lamp by Philippe Tyberghien is made of a flexible plastic cone covered with the knitting and further extended by hand knitted wiring.

11) DIY Leg Lamp

diy leg lamp

To make this cool Leg Lamp, all you need is a lamp with energy-saving light bulb, a CD and a leg cast.

12) DIY Dinosaur Lamps

dinosaur lamps

These dinosaur lamps are made from precision cut sheets of flexible plastic that can be fixed together easily with the help of the instructions.

13) Bent Acrylic Lamp

acrylic lamp

Rob Edwards of How 2 Point Oh made this Bent Acrylic Lamp using a $5 piece of scrap acrylic, a pack of Band-It Veneer, a heat gun, an iron and a set of IKEA LED strip.

14) Light Bulb Oil Lamp

light bulb oil lamp

This is a great way to re-use your old light bulbs and turn them into aesthetically pleasing oil lamps.

15) Big lamps from Ikea lampan lamps

big ikea lamps

Instructables has an easy tutorial that will help you build large spherical lamps out of Ikea lampan lamps, priced at $4.99 each.

16) LED USB CD Lamp

led usb cd lamp

The DIY LED USB CD Lamp is a nice, sustainable way to make use of your old CDs.

17) DIY R2D2 Lamp

r2d2 lamp

This is the geekiest way you can convert a simple lamp into R2-D2. Check out the whole thing at Instructables.

18) DIY Tap Lamp

tap lamp

This amazing Tap Lamp is one of the most inimitable DIY things I've ever seen.

19) DIY Bidon Lamp

bidon lamp r3

These lamps are made using translucent plastic container.

20) Blender Lamp


If you have an extra blender or a toaster transform them into lamps, just like this Blender lamp.

21) DIY iLamp

diy ilamp

The cool lamp is made of old and not in use iMac G4.

22) DIY Record Lamp

record lamp

The lamp is a nice way to utilize your old records.

23) Garbage Lamp

garbage lamp

The Garbage lamps are made using polystyrene drinking cups with the help of a tape, gum, plastic plates and bottles.

24) Bottle Pendant lamp

bottle pendant lamp

This lamp is an ingenious way to utilize the discarded recycled bottles.

25) Wine bottle lamp

wine bottle lamp

This is the best lamp that upcycles an old wine bottle into an eclectic porch gas lamp.

26) Vodka Lamp

vodka lamp

Simple and funky, this lamp utilizes your Vodka bottles to light up your house.

27) DIY Ikea Lamp

ikea lamps

The modern table lamp is made unexpected Ikea parts.

28) DIY Zipper Lamp

zipper lamp

This beautiful lamp was made by Randy Sarafan with adjustable light levels from zippers. Check Instructables for details.

29) Wood Crate lights

wine crate lights

These artistic lamps are carved from wine-crate and looks truly amazing.

30) DIY Japanese Lamps

japanese lamps

The Japanese style lamp makes use of mostly recycled parts that is easy to put together.


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