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lego furnishings

When Christiansen invented the Lego blocks, he wouldn't have even imagined how popular this thing will become in the future. Kids simply love Lego and it's no wonder that we keep thinking up ways to use Lego in our everyday lives as adults. And that's how this creativity has inspired some of the cool furnishings for your home. Here are some of the coolest Lego inspired home furnishings that will add fun and excitement to your home décor.

• Mini Lego LED lamps
mini lego led lamp
Mini Lego Led lamps are made of Lego bricks that are sure to inspire all the ones with the Lego obsession. The small looking lamp adds warm ambiance to your room and the various color combi lets you play with colors. The different rainbow shades brings a vibrant look to your décor. On the whole, these colorful mini lights look great in any décor.

• Lego Brick lamp
lego brick lamp
Inspired by the Lego blocks, the Lego Brick lamp comes from Japan, by 25togo. The giant version of those small bricks comes with the snap-off top layer, where you can place some accessories such as pencils, pens and other small items. One of the coolest lamp ever, the geeky nerds are sure to adorn this one.

• CEO desk
ceo_desk staffan holm2

Yet another amazing idea inspired from the Lego blocks is this CEO desk. Designed by Staffan Holm znd Johannes Tjernberg, the desk is made of massive beech and MDF. LEGO-building bricks are combined with the grace of the late Rococo furniture style and painted it glossy black to evoke feelings of exclusivity and power.

• Lego table
lego table
The boardroom design by ABGC Architecture and Design, is built brick by brick from 22,742 bricks and looks simply stunning. You can just see how these blocks cluster up to form a table. The perfect table will remind you of your childhood days and makes for a playful décor.

• Bekky Lego shaped sofa
Bekky sofa takes inspiration from the Lego brick and functions just like them. You can arrange the sofa in the way you want by simply rearranging the bricks. You can give your living space the whole new look everyday simply by giving it new form every time.

• Lego Radiator
lego radiator scirocco brick2
If you are really fascinated by the look of the Lego's, this radiator is something that will warm your geeky homes. Designed by architect Marco Baxadonne for radiator maker Scirocco, the radiators brings a playful look to your walls. The Lego bricks can be assembles together according to your choice and requirement. Just the ideal pick for the geeky nerds, this Lego styled radiator is sure to give a classy touch to your interiors.

• Lego Kitchen Island
lego kitchen island_1
Lego kitchen island is made using 20,000 Lego bricks. Designed by Phillippe Simon and Pillard Roessti, the kitchen design takes a new level altogether. The colorful islands look cool and are a complete fun to enjoy the game you have always loved.

• Lego candles
lego candles
It seems that the candles are also not left untouched by the Lego blocks. The design has creeped in the candle design as well. The colorful Lego brick candles look cool and adds warm ambiance to your décor.

• Bachus wine rack
wallace baccuswine rack
Designed by the inimitable Marcel Wanders, the stackable wine rack is functional and quirky. The wine rack looks so cool that you will love to flaunt your wine collection. The casters are removable and the stackable design makes it a perfect rack to store your wines. Especially the colorful looks make it worth the piece to adorn.

• Red Blue Lego chair
red blue lego chair
Designed by Mario Minale for Droog Design, this geeky chair is perfect for the unabashed Lego fan that doesn't mind spending a cool £20,000-25,000 on it. An aluminium frame makes it possible to sit on it.

• Luna Blocks collection

lego sofa furniture

Created by Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker of Lunatic Construction, the Luna Blocks collection is worth appreciation. The brick furniture comes in multiple colors and materials that are easily stacked together. Simply add a pane of glass or a pillow, and get some of the playful and colorful furniture unit right in your house. Check out some of the colorful life-sized lego furniture designs and our inner child will surely melt.

lunablocks_lego chairjpg
lunablocks_coffee table
lunablocks table


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