Decorative Tetris blocks will keep you entertained


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decorative tetris blocks1

Created by ElectricLemonade, the decorative colorful Tetris blocks have been especially created to render a geeky element to your living space, no matter which one it is. Essentially as decorative items, these blocks are sure to add a spark of colors to your interiors. These blocks have been especially created by using simple bendy plastic skeleton with some fleece that has been glued on it. And, the black lines have been painted on the borders. You can stack these blocks anywhere you wish to. These Tetris accessories will not only be a decorative element, but will also keep you entertained(you can play with them). It will be definitely better than watching TV all the time. Available form Etsy, these wear the price tag of 40.00 with shipping free in the U.S.

decorative tetris blocks2

decorative tetris blocks3

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