Otto dining set is the next outdoor hotspot


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otto table and stools1

The new dining set from Lacey Campbell invites you to take a load off in new outdoor furniture. Be it your gardens, or patios or if looking for an apt furniture for the upcoming party, this Otto Table and Stools makes a perfect place in outdoors. What's different about it is its ability to pack it by making it flat. In addition, the stacking stools transport is a cinch. Eight legs, two brackets, one tabletop and you've got a patio ready for the next cook out or birthday party. The elegant outdoor seating will be the hotspot of the garden and sure to earn appreciation for its aesthetic factors. The dining set is debuted at the NeoCon 2010 in the Furniture Revolution Gallery.

otto table and stools
otto table and stools2
otto table and stools3
otto table and stools4


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