“M House,” in Linz, Austria by Caramel Architects


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House M in the most simplest of terms is a 12 x 12 meter cube located on the slope of Pöstlingberg in Linz, Austria. The location is uber private yet it opens on two sides, south and west with two glass facades. The west side brings in a view of the mesmerizing Danube valley while the southern side overlooks a covered terrace area which gets a large swimming pond as an extension.

The cellarless house uses prefabricated high-performance structural insulated panels which were installed in to the concrete floor within a matter of hours. The House M is an epitome of an economical and ecological building.
The cellarless house is made out of prefabricated high-performance structural insulated panels, which were installed onto the concrete floor slab in only a few hours with the help of a truck-mounted crane. the diagonally arranged pillars along the west facade provide structural reinforcement.

Slightly inclined toward the east, the roof slab offers gutterless drainage over the facade and into a gravel-filled french drain at the back of the house.

The cube is enveloped in synthetic membranes. for the roof area white epdm was used; for the facade area (invisibly welded to the roof liner), white teflon-coated PVC, which was secured at intervals through the thermal insulation layer between the outer membrane and the structural panels.

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