Panel Bin changes shape according to the trash capacity


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Often the bins come in their standard size, and it's not always that the same size is your requirement. At times the capacity of the bin is ample enough proportionate to the junk, while at other times the bin may go small to hold the trash. Taking the problem into consideration, a team of designers, Ying Fangtian, Qiu Yiwu, Xu Sisi, Ouyang Chenling, Yuan Sisi, Luo Zhening, Shao Shiyi, Qian Manqian and Wu Fangyuan have come together with the dustbin design named "Panel Bin."

The bin adjusts according to the amount of trash disposed in it. Thanks to the spiral-shaped metal strips that change the shape to adjust the trash. The bin is lined with a disposable bag for a production-efficient bin to store as much disposal as you want. Apart from stretching its size, the bin also saves space when not in use or in minimal use, and is also easy to carry around.


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