YO Sofa hides a full size bed smartly in it


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yo sofa nolen niu

Modern apartments often demand for versatile and multifunctional furniture, owing to the limited space in the house. There is no dearth of such space saving furniture on the market, however, very few of them fit the apt desirability. And the YO Sofa happens to be one of them. This Blue sofa collection from Nolen Niu is just the right thing you had been searching for. The sofa doubles as a bed whenever you have some unexpected guests, or whenever you wish to stretch yourself on a comfortable bed after the sitting schedule of yours. With the simple mattresses expansion, the sofa reveals the full size bed that is neatly concealed like a sofa cushion. The three-section bed when folded back turns into a sofa with the utmost comfort and privacy.

yo sofa nolen niu1
yo sofa nolen niu2
yo sofa nolen niu3

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