Fossa Modular Upholstered Sofa from Cor


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via Home Decorating Trends by Claudia Atudosiei on 3/5/12

If you're a fan of changes and you want to stand out in front of  your friends through unique ideas and flexibility, I think it's time to think about decorating your living space with a Fossa modular upholstered sofa, designed by Aurelian Barbry. This minimalist furniture will perfectly fit a bright, large room, transforming it in a joyful place thanks to its vivid colors. You can have a lounger, a sofa or a corner in the same piece of furniture, and you can choose the way of arranging it whenever you want.

Cushions can be arranged, moved or removed, according to your preferences so, another piece of furniture can be created for relaxing, reading a good book, listening to music or taking a nap in the middle of the day. But what are you doing if you invite a few friends to your place to watch a movie or just to talk? It's simple.

You rearrange your sofa to sit comfortably on it, you and your friends, too. Usually people are very busy, and most of them very disorganized, they throw things everywhere, and when they want to find something, they have to search all over the place. Fossa modular upholstered sofa is designed with a hidden space in the back, where you can put small things without being seen from the others, a place you will always remember to search when you are looking for something.

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