2,786 square foot contemporary house is located in Lima,Peru


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This simple but imposing structure is a private home located in La Planicie, La Molina, Lima, Peru. The house was a project by San Isidro-based studio Doblado Arquitectos. The construction was completed in 2011 and the total budget was $150,000. The house was a contemporary design and it covers an area of 2,786 square feet. It had to be built on a longitudinal plot and this was the main factor that determined the shape and the design of the residence.

Because of the location and orientation of the house, most of the rooms are facing the pool, the street or the neighboring houses. Building it on this plot was a challenge. However, the architects managed to come up with a design that takes advantage of the land. The result was a two-storey contemporary residence with a total living area of 258.90 square meters. Not both floors have the same floor space. The first level measures 156.25 square meters while the second is smaller, measuring only 102.65 square meters.The internal structure is functionally organized.

The first floor of the house includes areas such as the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the guest bath, the master bedroom and the service area. The second houses two bedrooms, a lounge area and the bathrooms. There are social spaces on both floors and it's the same for the bedrooms. However, this doesn't mean they lack privacy. A concrete structure creates a separation between these areas. The property also has a pool. Since there was no room and no reason to built both in indoor and an outdoor pool, this way was divided into two.

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