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We all have things we want to put on display. Whether it's a painting we really like or something more personal such as a series of photos we like to share with everyone that enters our home, we need an area where we can display them without using too much space but from where they can be seen by everyone. The top shelf of a cabinet is a great space for this matter.

If your wall unit doesn't have the design you require for this project you can come up with something by yourself. You can create the design from the pictures without too much trouble. All you need is a couple of cabinets, glass doors and a good print shop. At the end you'll have a simple but lovely space where you can display your favorite photos, art pieces or even some of your kid's drawings. For this particular project you'll first have to purchase any combo of Besta cabinets you like. The size doesn't really matter either.

Next, you'll also need a glass aluminum door for each section. In this case, if you follow the same pattern, you'll need 5 doors. It all depends on the choices you make. To find out the size your photos should be, just take out the paperboard insert in the glass door and measure it. Select some photos you would like to put on display and print them. You can laminate them if you like. Cut off the white borders and insert the photos into the glass door. To create a uniform look you should either print all the photos in color or in black and white. You could also choose photos that belong to the same theme or come up with something else that they have in common. The idea is to have something that unifies the group.{found pn ikeahakers}.

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