Fresh Plus Mobile Operator Showroom Design by A+D Design


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The Plus Showroom is a flagship store for the biggest Polish mobile operator and it was designed by A+D Design. The design team led by architect Marek Witaszewski came up with a very modern and colorful plan. The main goal of this project was to reflect the fact that Plus Showroom is the most advanced company offering only the highest quality products. Doing that was easier said than done.

The team used the concepts of circles and arcs as the main elements for their design. The store was designed as a space where you can enter the world of technology and serves both as a sales and an exhibition area. The sales floor was organized into several zones depending on the purpose they serve. The retail area includes an exhibition space and a more private service desk. As you can see, the store has a very efficient and practical layout.

The great thing about this design is that it allows the whole store to serve as a huge exhibition space and to showcase everything in a simple and modern way. The exhibition ring is a space situated in the center of the sales floor. It's the focal point of the entire design and it's been place in the heart of the store. A very prominent element of this design is the trees. It's an essential element for the design, colorful and friendly, just like the whole store is.

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