12 Coffee shop interior designs from around the world


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Coffee shops, regardless of where they're located on the globe, always have something in common. It's the coziness and warmth brought by the concept itself. Coffee shops are envisioned like a small and inviting space that smells like coffee and tastes like chocolate. Of course, each coffee shop has its own characteristics in terms of design. Let's take a look at a few examples.

Society Café Interior Design.

The Society Café was designed by Ben Rolls from Simple Simon Design. The interior features reclaimed and salvaged fittings, paneled walls and a few antique decorations. They were combined with a few contemporary elements and the contrast created is pleasant and beautiful. The interior décor looks rather modest and the goal was to make it look warm and pleasant.

Café/day coffee shop in Shizuoka, Japan.

This is a project that was called Café/Day. Designed by Suppose Design Office, this coffee shop is located in Shizuoka, Japan. It has a bold look that starts from outside with the white lines on the asphalt. The concept for this place was to bring the outdoors in. The impression given by the design is that the coffee shop was built on a parking lot. It's a detail that reflects the overall theme of the design.

Starbucks 'The Bank' Concept Store in Amsterdam.

This is The Bank, a concept store from Starbucks Coffee. It can be found in Amsterdam and has a radical design. The project made use of sustainable materials and the work of 35 artists and craftsmen. A series of local design touches can also be distinguished, such as antique Delft tiles, walls clad in bicycle inner tubes, wooden gingerbread biscuit molds and the coffee bag burlap.

Caffe Streets by Norsman Architects.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, this coffee shop was designed by Norsman Architects. It's modern and it's elegant but, more important than that, it has that typical warm and cozy interior that is, at the same time, unique and original.

Vanilla coffee shop.

Vanilla is a tiny coffee shop from Berlin. It was designed by Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Benyi. The coffee shop has a very retro feel. It's brighter than most designs in this list and it looks like the cozy corner of a n inviting home. The pattern and color of the accent wall adds perspective and the simplicity of the rest only makes it more lovable.

Tully's Coffee Shop -Remm Kagoshima.

Tully's Coffee is part of a beautiful hotel from Kagoshima, Japan. It's situated on the first floor and it has been upgraded along with the bakery. It features a series of individual tables with elegant chairs that, even though are placed very close to one another, still offer privacy. It's a design that encourages social behavior but that also respects its clients' intimacy.

Cribbar surf bar by Absolute, Newquay – UK.

This is the Cribbar surf bar from Newquay, Cornwall. It got its name from the town;s most challenging wave and it features a surf-themed interior. Even though everything is somehow related to surf, the designers and architects that worked at this project avoided using clichés. The coffee place, for example, is not a fully enclosed space. Its interior is simple but it stands out through the use of LED lights in the ceilings that completely change the atmosphere

Starbucks Roy Street Coffee & Tea, Seatle.

This is another Starbucks coffee shop. As in the case of all the other Starbucks locations, the design of this place pays tribute to local architecture. It features concrete floors and custom velvet furniture and draperies. The interior is a mix of salvaged wooden walls and antique furniture and the result is a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Starbucks coffee shop on the approach to a Shinto shrine in Dazaifu, Japan.

And here's yet another beautiful Starbucks coffee shop, this time in Dazaifu, Japan. Its most impressive feature is represented by the diagonally woven lattice created from over 2000 wooden batons. They cover the walls and ceilings of the coffee shop and create a very interesting image.

Starbucks 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea Shop, Seatle.

Starbucks also shows that it can go back to the basics. This is the 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea Shop from Seattle. It has a rustic interior design featuring a combination of salvaged barnwood, old warehouse lighting fixtures and rusted wire chandeliers. The walls are also decorated with large photos representing coffee and tea rituals.

Café Coutume in Paris.

This lovely coffee shop is from Paris, France. It was designed by Paris-based studio CUT architectures and it's called Café Coutume. It's actually a combination between a roastery and a café and it also offers a selection of fresh and organized delicacies. It features a typical Parisian interior with high ceilings, moldings, columns and an old shop door.

Cafe in Stockholm.

Cafè Foam was designed by Note Design Studio and can be found in Stockholm. It's a surprisingly colorful coffee shop but there's a very good reason for this. The architects and designers have tried to recreate the excitement of Spanish bull fighting. For that they used red curtains and bold accent elements.

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