50 most unusual and interesting wall clocks


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unusual wall clocks
Wall clocks, these days, are not just meant to be used to keep track of time. Instead, they have become a statement of your personal style and taste. The shelves are flooded with unusual and interesting wall clock designs that will complement just any decor or budget out there. It can be the design or the functionality that makes a wall clock unusual. So, prior to purchasing, be sure in your mind about the kind of wall clock you actually need. Anyway, let us take a look at 50 of the most unusual and interesting wall clocks.

1. Blank wall clock
blank wall clock
Designed by Marti Guixe for Alessi, Blank wall clock has no markings at all. It has a write-able surface that can be wiped clear.

2. Round time clock
round time clock
Round time clock from the house of MomentoItalia comprise of twelve wooden or plastic cubes on the white wooden panel or on the wall.

3. Daily Life wall clock
daily life wall clock
The wall clock by BGM project uses the figures of a grandmother, grandchild and dog to represent hour, minute and second hands.

4. Bloat clock
bloat clock
The unique modern clock is designed by John Wischhusen.

5. KnoWhere Clock
knowhere clock
KnoWhere Clock designed by Peter Stathi, comes with the You and Me hands.

6. Astro clock
astro clock
Astro Skateboard clock is made out of 12 skateboard wheels and bearings.

7. Butterfly clock
butterfly design clock
The clock at Butterfly Diamantini & Domenicoci looks pleasingly elegant.

8. Family Time Photo Frame Clock
family time clock 2
Arrange your photos on Family Time Photo Frame Clock. Priced for £25.99

9. Melting clock
The amazing Melting clock for $60.

10. Spy clock
spy wall clock
Spy Wall clock is a timepiece with the reflection of a mirror.

11. ACW clock
acw wall clock
ACW (anti-clockwise) wall clock by Francisca Pierto, priced for £2,300.

12. Annular Eclipse clock
annular eclipse clock
Annular Eclipse Clock by Lee, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do is a unique kind of a clock with unique hour hand and a minute hand.

13. Star Trek clock
star trek clock_1
The Star Trek clock for $109.99, feature starships from the respective series on 12 points of the clock.

14. Seeing Double wall clock
seeing double wall clock
Seeing Double wall clock shows time with the red and green transparent film displays both the minute and hour.

15. Lunar Eclips Clock
lunar eclips clock
Solar and Lunar Eclips are uncommon phenomena for your our own room Priced at $39.

16. Time Sphere wall clock
timesphere clock
Time sphere clock from Gideon Dagan design.

17. Laser beam clock
laser beam clock
The Laser beam clock from Scandinavian Designers revives the concept of time keeping.

18. Lines wall clock
lines wall clock
The Lines wall clock from TOBY house is a mixture of artwork and a clock, for price of £79.00.

19. Clock Eclipse
yee ling wan eclipse clock
Clock Eclipse from Yee-Ling Wan is a glass made accessory for your décor.

20. Quadro clock
The Quadro clock from Chrone Art brings an ingenious idea to your home décor which gives a precise display of time.

21. Beep wall clock
Beep wall clock from Things of Color is a colorful and puzzling clock to watch time.

22. 946 Caffe' Espresso clock
946_ _caffe_espresso
Cool 946 Caffe' Espresso clock to enjoy a hot cup of coffee

23. Bubble Clox
bubble clox
Bubble Clox by Darien Lee is a modern and cool timepiece which looks perfect on any wall be it your home or your office.

24. Catena wall clock
catena wall clock
Catena wall clock by Andreas Dober.

25. Fan Clock
Fan clock by Stanislav Katz shows time with the colored space between the hour and minute hands.

26. Dali Clock
dali clock
Dali clock is inspired by Salvador Dali.

27. Currency wall clock
currency wall clock
Currency clock is made with a real $1 bill that cost for $19.50.

28. Trace of Time Clock
trace of time
The clock that tells time and also provides a place for users to make notes.

29. Good Afternoon clock
good afternoon clock
Good Afternoon clock by Japan's Mile Project.

30. Tempo Wall clock
tempo wall clock
Tempo wall clock is interesting collection of black and white clocks from Dario Serio.

31. Colors wall clock
Designed by Richard Shed and Alex Taylor, Colors wall clock is simply amazing.

32. Times New Roman clock
times new roman clock
Times New Roman clock from Dario Serio looks trendy and cool.

33. Galaxy wall clock
galaxy wall clock
The Galaxy Wall Clock adds with colorful touch for $60.

34. Time Big Bodoni Wall Clock
time big bodani wall clock
Time Big Bodoni clock is interesting collection of black and white clocks from Dario Serio.

35. Country shape wall clock
country shaped wall clock
For £48, the Country shape wall clock takes you round the world.

36. Math Genius wall clock
mat genius wall clock
Math Genius wall clocks for the true math genius in you.

37. Excel Function wall clock
excel function wall clock
The number of Excel Function clock is replaced with Excel function that will evaluate to that numeral.

38. One Hour Circle clock

onehour circle
One Hour Circle clock for $21, moves its arm each minute to draw a full circle around itself once an hour has passed.

39. Whatever wall clock
Whatever wall clock priced for $24.99.

40. On Time wall clock
on time wall clock_1
On-Time Wall Clock with the minute hand bent forward shows the time 3 minutes later than it is.

41. Math Pi clock
pi clock
Math or Pi clock for the genius mathematicians.

42. Tik Tak clock
tik tak clock
Tik Tak clock is designed by Miriam Van Der Lubbe and Niels Van. Eijk.

43. Decode clock
Decode clock decodes time on the hour clock.

44. Target clock
target clock
Target Clock by designer Simon Lumb.

45. Life Clock
life clock
Life clock by Vvork.

46. Wood Plinth clock
wood plinth clock
Made from natural acacia with a clear lacquer finish, the Wood Plinth clock looks amazing.

47. Cable Clock
cable clock
Cable Clock looks cool indeed.

48. Doing Time clock
doing time clcok
Doing Time Table tells the time with the scratched numerals.

49. Time Flies clock
time flies clokc
The flies that depicts time with Time Flies clock.

50. Aspiral clock
aspiral clock
The Aspiral clock is a playful clock priced for $545.


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