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keyboard home furnishings

My fingers were just dwindling over the keyboard and eyes struck on the alphabets as to what to write on. How about the keyboard itself...and that's how an interesting idea came to me out of the blue. Playing with alphabets and numbers from morning to evening, I explored some of the innovative ways of making use of the discarded keyboards. Hit the jump to see how the discarded computer keyboard can be part of our home furnishings.

• Keyboard bench
wolfang keyboard bench1
If this is called geek, then I must say geek is extremely beautiful! The stylish bench is too sophisticated to believe that it's made of recycled keyboard keys. Alluring curves and the keyboard embellishment make this piece truly a living room classic.

• Home tech oration clock
home tech oration clock
Home tech oration clock in enter and in control are definitely one of the most affordable option to treat your walls well. Wearing the price tag of $20 each and in colors of lime green and white, these clocks are an ultimate treat for all the geeks. Cool, these are, but these will look equally sophisticated on your office walls.

• Lamp made from recycled keyboard
lamp from keyboard parts
Turning thrash into treasure, designer Nolan Herbut gives a new life to the keyboards in the form of beautiful lamps. Number of discarded keyboards are put together to light up your house in a unique way. The light passes through the gaps between the keys enlightens your house elegantly.

• Text-ile chair
keyboard lounge chair_text ile chair
Designed by Dante Bonuccelli, Text-ile takes the name because of the look of a textile machines and because it makes use of the texts in the form of keyboards. Text-ile is made out of discarded computer keyboards, and is guess pretty comfortable to rest your ass on.

• Enter Bell
Designed by Li Jianye, the bell is shaped like the enter key of your keyboard. The bell itself says Enter so that you can enter the house.

• Colorful keyboard chair
colorful keyboard chair
The colorful, bright keyboard chair is perfect for those geeks who want some color in their life. The chair makes use of numbers that are placed randomly for a playful effect with the numbers. Each key in different colors will make you fall in love with this chair.

• Recycled keyboard mirror
keyboard mirror
A unique computer keyboard mirror will definitely add some real and living color to a Geek's bedroom and dungeon. From Redimei, this mirror is an amazing way to reuse the keyboard. Tagged for $45, it's a commendable art for your walls.

• Recycled keyboard storage box
keyboard storage box
Go wireless with your keyboards with these storage boxes. A theme based on your keyboards, these storage boxes will suit your tables near your keyboard.

• CTRL+ALT+DEL cup sets
ctrl alt del cup
The keys that are an essential component of your keyboard now turns into a fun. The CTRL+ALT+DEL are a new way to enjoy your cup of tea. Carrying a price tag of $23.90, the cup sets makes a great conversation piece.

• Keyboard salt and peppershakers
keyboard salt pepper
The keyboard keys as salt and peppershakers can add spice and fun to your food. The cool stuff comes with the S key for salt, and P for the pepper. Tagged for $10.95, it is an amazing addition for the nerds.

• Keyboard pen cup
recycled pen cup
It might not be an extraordinary creation, but definitely striking. The pen cup is made from recycled keyboard keys is as virtuous as any marvel created out of trash. Your friends will definitely want to have one.

• Wireless keyboard wall graphics
computer keyboard wall graphics
If this is not enough, then it's time to turn to your walls and make it into keyboard themes. The wireless keyboard wall graphics looks cool around your walls, especially the nerds who always seek for something new.


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