Useless cables, wires and pipes given a trendy twist


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pipes and cables home furnishings

So, what do you do with the pipes, wires and cables after they are of no more use. We normally discard them in thrash. The waste and unused pipes and cables cost a pocketful in a boutique to give your home an industrial décor, which can be used right alongside both for modern and antique pieces. Here are some of the furnishing ideas to make some good use of wires, cables and pipes.

• Chair from Kwangho Lee
chair from lee
The chair is a brilliant effort for making use of recycled materials. The chair is made by Kwangho Lee and is made from re-purposed garden hoses and electrical wire. The chair is comfortable enough besides its haphazard form.

• Butterfly bowl
butterfly bowl
Here is bowl to hold your fruits from the house of Trashmade. The bowl is made from colorful cables which are intricately intertwined with each other to give it the form of a bowl. Different colors of wires make these bowls look appealing and a wonderful centerpiece for your table.

• Garden chair
Designed by Kilian Schindler, the garden chair is made from the metal wires. The chair enhances your garden with its aesthetic look and can also be made part of your indoors. The simple yet elegant look makes for an appealing home furnishing.

• Chandelier
cahndelier made from wires
The chandelier looks beautiful and is made from made from glass punch cups and the copper tubing from an old refrigerator. The chandelier is a unique way to light up your house with the old cables and waste materials.

• Tangled wire lamp
The wire lamp is designed by Kwangho Lee and is an innovative way to utilize the wires. The lamps are made out of a mess of tangled wire and does not hides wire in fact flaunt them with style to match your décor.

• Flood light
flood light
The lamp is made from four waste materials which include electric cables, glass jars, light bulbs and water. The Flood lamp is water mixed with electric cables which brings an elegant look to your décor style and enhances the living space.

• Hall stand
hall stand
The hall stand made from pipes is designed to confront the perception of industrial landscape. Made from raw material which includes powder coated copper pipe, brass compression fitting and steel buckets, the innovative modular stand is a display of function and humor.

• Steel pipe Man-orah
Representing the symbol of religion, the beautiful man-orah is made from the water pipes. The simple yet industrial design of the man-orah makes use of steel pipe and is an elegant way to represent the beauty with functionality.

• Pipe Corner Shelves
pipe corner shelf
These pipe shelves from Dirty Bils come with all the necessary hardware so that you can give it shape and mount it on the wall of your bedroom or maybe even living room. It will just add charm to your walls. Pipes and shelves might sound like an oxymoron, but the innovation is what I name it. It wears a price tag of $90.

• Kozo pipe lamp
kozo ligh pipe
The magnificent Kozo lamp is made from the pipes. The pipe through which the water flows is now used for the electricity surge. The geeky lamps are made galvanized steel pipes which can use as desk lamps and can be yours for just $230.

• Stool made from pipe
stool made from pipes
The stool made from water pipes and sheet metal is designed by Alberto J. Pérez. An innovative approach to make use of waste and recyclable pipes creates some new useable objects which give a new style statement to your living space.

• Bathroom stand
bathroom stand
Designed by Nick Fraser, the amazing bathroom stand leaves you awestruck. The stand is made from the powder coated copper pipe, brass compression fittings and brackets / steel bucket. The stand with its simple and distinct design is an exciting addition to your bath space which offers a creative alternative to conventional choice.


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