Is that a kitchen or a closet?


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dwyer kitchenette1

This closet looking thing is not for your TV, but it can sustain you for life. The moment you open it, you know it is the elixir of life for all those people who live is such space crunched apartments that even an inch of leg room space comes at a premium. It is a Dwyer Kitchenette EA400, having two electric stovetops, refrigerator with freezer compartment, sink, built-in cupboard and drawer, dish draining area and light (on/off/auto). It can be locked and also attaches with electricity supply, water and drain. It seems some modular kitchen right out of designer site, but the most surprising thing is that it was made in 1969, which makes it vintage. I know it does not include hi-tech things, but not many of us can afford that, so this closet with standard kitchen elements is just fine. It is listed for sale on Tiny house Blog and Reenah for $675.

dwyer kitchenette2

dwyer kitchenette3

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