A kitchen that will rotate your head '360 degrees'


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360_degrees kitchen

Yes, this kitchen will compel you to rotate your head as well as your body to 360 degrees, and so it is hailed with the name "360 °". The kitchen is teamwork collaboration of German designers Farziska Winter, Katrin Sillmann and Ulrike Sandner. The flexibility of the kitchen makes it adaptable to fit small space apartment and also fits your style. Each kitchen segment is divided into different working areas where you can eat, cook and also clean the utensils.

Stacked above the countertop is a small tower that offers storage area and rotates in all the direction, so you can easily access it from all sides. Its an all purpose compact kitchen that captures a refrigerator, sink, electrical outlet, trash cans, storage area and access to water in its small belly. In addition, the strainer / plate holders ST360 is useful for straining vegetable or to air-dry the clean dishes. What more do you want, when this kitchen unit brings the entire space within 360 degrees.

360_degrees kitchen1
360_degrees kitchen2
360_degrees kitchen4
360_degrees kitchen5
360_degrees kitchen6
360_degrees kitchen7

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