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home theater room

A home theater room defines the concept of entertainment for the whole family. This isn't the essential living room and television experience, but the real experience of the theater at your abode. This doesn't need a lot of financing and budgeting, instead involves smart thinking to shape your own private space to enjoy your favorite entertainment in a flamboyant way. The home theater can be the pride of your house when you invite friends over to watch a movie or game; it's the perfect place for an ideal entertainment- gathering for family and friends to bond over. With a touch of class and clever tips, any corner in your home can become the heart of your entertainment zone in unbelievable ways!

1) Choose the right color
It is best recommended to paint your home theater room in dark background colors such as; black, dark purple. Hereby, you illuminate the chance of your wall paint deflecting any illuminating light. The pleasure of watching a good movie in a theater is to be surrounded by darker colored walls, especially when the lights are dimmed, the effects of a dark color background intensifies the entertainment factor. In case you are sharing the home theater space with another room, use a paint color that coordinates with the room color.

2) Furnishings
This is an important feature of your home theater; one can easily ruin the best movie experience with improper furnishings. Always remember that your decor and furnishing should be in accordance of a home theater just the same, make sure you select comfortable chairs example: lazy boy, easy chair, bean bag etc. In case you are catering to a group, make sure you have the chairs arranged in height-ascending order, with elevations starting from the back row. Also maintain an aisle, to bring in the theater experience and for ease and access to your seats.

3) Wall Decor
Good acoustics bring out the best flavor of entertainment in a home theater room. Make sure you keep the floor speakers nearest to the TV screen, also place the front and rear speakers centrally. Make the best of vertical speakers with wall mounts or wall mounted speakers,which will make more space in the room. Also note there are no loose fitting or unattended wires lying on the floor, it may lead to untowardly accidents.

4) Accessories
Make the best of accessories to enhance the aesthetics of your home theater room. Movie posters, posters of movie stars, framed collectors- TV guide covers and old film reel cans can be hung on the walls. To bring home the movie scene, hang a portrait depicting a famous movie scene. You can also display old movie covers and labels, to give a rustic look. To take it a step further you can display an old popcorn machine or have one placed so people can help themselves during a movie break

5) Lighting
The most important factor of this room is the lighting; make sure you have no windows in this room, as any light would cast a glare on the TV screen. Use light scones, small ceiling lights which are strategically placed and have dimming and intensifying controls. You can also use hidden lights under a false ceiling; this gives a psychedelic effect to the room

6) Windows and Window coverings
It is best to refrain having a window in the home theatre room, as any reflections will cast a glare on the screen. In case you already have a window to provide ventilation and to remove the stuffiness of the room, make sure you have covered the window with well-drawn dark colored thick drapes, which prevent light from filtering through. Use colors such as black, dark brown, purple, velvet and maroon. You can use blinds which aesthetically cover the windows.

7) Carpets and Drapes
Choose the right material, texture and color for the drapes and carpets. You can invest on full carpeting as it enhances the acoustics. In case you are working on a shoe string budget, get bigger sized rugs that can be placed accordingly. To give a theatrically look have drapes with hassles that resemble the opera stage. The rugs should complement the color of your walls and the drapes should be dark and texture should be thick enough to not emit any light.

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