A Puzzling Coffee Table


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puzzle table

I am sure you would love to start your day with a steaming cup of Coffee. But, here's a great puzzle that you would want to unfold before you can sip your coffee every day. A coffee table called the Puzzle Coffee Table or simply the 1X2+1 is one such design by Petar Zaharinov. Hey, but it's kind of similar to the one I have at home. What's so great about it then?


Pictures do speak themselves a lot, don't they? That's how it is, when all undone! Wonderful! Isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice to make your own "Puzzle Coffee Table" everyday and have your Coffee too? Quite simply, Puzzle Coffee Table is an assembly of 3 wooden beams (2 similar and 1 different) that are artistically etched with notches and when fixed correctly gets transformed into a splendid Coffee Table.


See, how fabulous the assembly is when looked up close. No nails! No glue! Just a little skill to set it up and it won't even budge when accidentally your kids kick a ball on to it. With the Glass Top of course, the Puzzle Coffee Table can be dismembered and packed into a corner everyday at the end of the day to redo it the next morning. Assembling is even simpler. Just follow these steps:


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