Schattengewächs is a flower pot that blooms light in various shapes


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If you are interested in having an interesting decor for your home which combines both greenery and light then you might like to take a look at this idea, set forth by Maximilian Winkel. Schattengewächs is an interior lighting system which makes use of "projecting light-based graphics in the shape of flowers, trees, insects or anything else you can imagine having in your flower pot". The idea revolves around a real flower pot and an artificial 'lightflower' or other objects in which the flower blooms in darkness and disappears in light.

"Schattengewächs does not have a power switch; it is automatically turned on and slowly lit up thanks to a small photosensor. It is powerd either by four coin cells or by two contacts (anode and cathode) directly from the earth in the flower pot. The material of the pot is clay and the inner parts are injection molded from biological plastic."



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