Gro Furniture isn’t Just a Desk, it’s a Crib and Daybed Too


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via Chip Chick by Chance Kinney on 2/16/12

screenshot 113 572x137 Gro Furniture isnt Just a Desk, its a Crib and Daybed TooIt looks like a crib with maybe a dash of IKEA inspiration, but the new pieces coming out of Gro Furniture pack in a lot more functionality than you would think. Gro Furniture's baby crib is made of convertible pieces, allowing the same piece of furniture to be easily converted into a toddler bed, daybed, play table, and desk.

True to its name, a Gro Furniture piece is furniture that grows up with the child, an inspired idea for those pressed for space in their homes, or those strapped for cash who find it difficult to pay for expensive pieces of furniture to keep up with the growth of their children. Above all, it's a terrific piece of design work that understands the concept of sustainability – getting the most out of everything you use. And, hearkening back to that IKEA inspiration, the conversion process is very simple, with no complex tools requiring expertise required.

Pricing begins at $154, and you can check out the Gro Furniture collection here. Meanwhile, we'll keep hoping for a Transformers tie-in in the future.

screenshot 125 572x215 Gro Furniture isnt Just a Desk, its a Crib and Daybed Too

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