Tiny but cozy apartment in Moema


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via Home Decorating Trends by Simona Ganea on 2/20/12

Sometimes it's difficult to find a home that has it all. For a single person, a small apartment seems like the perfect choice. Still, it's not easy to include everything in such a small space. This apartment measures only 28 square meters. It's located in Moema and it belongs to a young teacher and artist.The client wanted a cozy and charming home but he also wanted to spend as little as possible on it. As a result, he found this tiny place that he decided to turn into a friendly home. He went to the Parallel Architecture office for help. The team formed of Nicole and Debora Sztokfisz Racy immediately came with several ideas for this apartment. The priority of the architects was to find unusual materials that they could use for this project. They wanted to create a charming but striking interior design. They also needed to keep everything within the small budget.

Since the apartment was so small, they had to explore and sue every little space on the property. The apartment has an area that included the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. Since so many functions met in the same place, the interior design had to be multifunctional and space-efficient. There were no walls at all in that area. It was difficult even to squeeze everything inside the apartment. It was even more challenging to make everything seem like a harmonious composition and not a chaotic mix of furniture.

The mashing machine had to be placed near the stove and the refrigerator near the entrance, next to the sofa. This is not how people normally organize their apartment. However, in this case it was the best choice. At the end, the architects managed to turn this place into an organized and enjoyable home for the client. In an effort to make the apartment at least seem larger, the walls, the ceilings and the floors have been painted white. The furniture is very simple and there are not any unnecessary accessories of details.{found on casadevalentina}.

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