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via Home Decorating Trends by Loredana Sava on 4/24/12

Kids are supposed to have their room and have fun in it, but also to have s pot there where to do their homework and to write everything they have to. However, most of the times kids have to share their room with a sibling or , even if they are only children, they have to arrange it carefully because the space in the city is of utmost importance. So they have to deal with only one room for both working space and space for playing. That is why it is very important to choose the right furniture for them. This Desk Bed from ORG seems like the perfect solution for this problem. It is a desk and a bed at the same time.

This bed is actually hidden behind the desk and it is a kind of two in one furniture. I mean during the day you can use it as a desk, but when night comes you just have to activate this  unique balancing mechanism that allows you to make the transition between the desk and the bed. The ORG desk bed provides multiple functions and saves a lot of space as you only use one piece of furniture instead of two for the same purpose. The desk is carefully arranged under the bed and you can turn one into another in a matter of seconds. Please contact an ORG dealer for further info regarding the purchasing of this item.

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