Easy ways to deck up your lodge bedroom


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When you are in a place that is just like a dungeon, all you need is a little bit of a flair for decoration. When a little bit of creativity and sense of aesthetics is added, even a rustic lodge can be turned into a magical heaven. Ranging from wall colors, paintings, lamps etc all can be done in a thematic way so that it gives a touch of delight when people come for a memorable stay. Some of the features that we need to keep in mind are discussed below.

Lodge bedroom
Lodge bedroom

Wall color

To give an unexpected look for the old ragged room, painting the walls with shocking deep dark colors will be the best suited option. Having deep dark colors on the wall will prevent too much of sunlight flashing into the room. Having a dim effect in the room will go hand in hand with set up.


The furniture at any place plays a major role as it occupies the maximum space in the room. When furniture is chosen, one must keep into consideration the theme of the room and the size of the room. For rustic rooms, log style beds can be the perfect choice. Else if you are interested in giving your space a more classic touch, vintage wrought iron style of beds can also be chosen. For storage facilities, you can choose from knotty pine bureaus and distressed cupboards to complete the look. If there is sufficient space, chairs can also be added to enhance the charm.


Curtains play an very essential role in maintaining the privacy of the room. Choosing curtains that are contrast to the wall color is a best choice. Having curtains with designs if the wall color is plain and vice versa will give a totally new look to the room and will also project both the wall and curtains distinctly. If you find it hard to purchase fabrics with designs that are complementing the room, then you can buy the fabrics as required and make small designs that would go with the theme of the room.

Wall hangings

Wall hangings that are old and have a crayon finish will be an excellent option for rustic rooms. Wall hangings having colors more of brown and cream must be chosen as these help in enhancing the look of the room. Else, decorative items made up of bronze, brass or copper can be hung upon to give an ethnic touch to the existing unit.


The extra accessories that are put in the room must be given major importance. Accessories like the wall clocks, table lamps, dimmer lights, lights in general, fans etc. must all add to the look of the room. The dimmer lights must be in orange colors. The fans must be in brown color or a lighter shade to it. The table lamps must have a base made out of fiber related materials which can be painted in rust colors. Even boxes that are used for curtain storage can be made of wrought iron in the shapes of trees, birds or bears.


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