Nando Restaurant Ashford With Turquoise Chairs


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via Home Decorating Trends by Monica Stavar on 4/9/12

The Nando restaurant is situated in Ashford. Ashford is a place 90km south east of London. The restaurant is very colorful and joyful. The based firm Blacksheep had already done two other Nando's restaurant, three with this one. One beautiful decoration in the Nando's restaurant is a big artwork that is made from thousands of little pieces of wood dowels. The wooden dowels are painted differently and the artwork is made to look like South African Ndebele tribe.

The place has very different styles. From round colored tables to rectangular tables and square shaped ones. On the wall the place has pictures and other architectural objects. The rooms are very big, 10 meters. In this way it's a good relaxing vibe when you serve your meal here. The Portuguese colorful artwork gives a happy feel to the place. Some of the special are also Portuguese, specialties of kitchen dishes. The chandeliers are very beautiful, in a turquoise color, they illuminate very well the indoor space.

Three meters above the tables, there are some wooden diamonds shapes that are, I think, the signature of this restaurant. The black ceiling makes the room look more powerful and it seems like are the furniture are absorbed by it. You can stop by this wonderful restaurant, in your trip to London, for a good meal. It is a very nice place and you should not miss it.{pics by Ben Webb}.

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