Quirky Lamps Your Cup of Tea? "Nata" vs "Pagoda"


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via Design Corner by (author unknown) on 8/18/11


We've seen drinking vessels re/upcycled into lighting before, but I'm amazed that the simple idea (or brief) to "turn a teacup into a lamp" can yield two wildly disparate results, as in these two recent designs. (Perhaps it is only fitting that one is a glazed white ceramic and the other is a strange yet organic matte black.)


First up is a lamp by Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos, who creates minimal yet whimsical housewares "in a process that starts from inside of the object towards the outside." I was quite taken with his latest design, the "Nata" lamp, a tabletop ambient light that resembles a tipped teacup (a third handle serves to prop it up).

A ceramic lamp, with gentle curves and a classical look, borrowed from the shapes of table top ceramic wear. It is actually made from a rehabilitated mold, only rearranged... The result is this gentle and familiar shape, that only with slight changes now serves a whole new purpose.




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